Problem with folding geometry- Origami

Simple Origami Fold using Kangaroo Plugin | Parametric Model (
i followed this video tutorial and it was working. I tried to take the same folding mechanism on a different shape and i had problem with the folding simulation. I saw in the comments of the video that on a different shape it will lead to an unstable model. i am sending you my work to help me with the problem if you can.
Photos of (7.7 MB)
Folding (49.7 KB)

Crane (17.2 KB)
Honeycam 2023-12-20 20-15-27


Thank you so much, it is very helpful the solution you gave me. Also, if i change the rombus polygon to a pointier one like the picture i sent you, will it work the same? Can you please give me a solution for the trapezoid shape i uploaded?

Maybe you need to re-specify the mountains and valleys, the red and blue lines in the GIF.

We found the way to connect the solution you gave us in our shapes. Is there any way to control the percent of the fold and not just by presing the button " fold-unfold" and “reset”? I want to use it for a part on a facade and i want it to fold with a specific percent.

Then you use K2, you can control angle.

Good Evening,
I tried to find a way to make it work by closing on a specific angle, but i didnt figure it out.
Can you help us if its possible?
Should i try to find a different solution using the crane plug-in components but not the crane solver in order to achieve this specific mechanism that im trying to find.
Thank you