Orienting Beam to curved surface

I have a sine curve arched surface that I am trying to orient my beams to. The beams are supposed to go perpendicular to the surface and downwards, but I couldn’t figure out how to orient them to the surface plane perpendicularly. I could only get it to orient parallel to the plane which doesn’t work because the curve on the other side is inversed.

I am trying to construct a plane by extruding the sine curve, is there a way I can use that as an orientation plane?

forum help.gh (27.3 KB)

I can’t see any way that your beams could stay parallel and perpendicular to both of your curves.
Could you provide an illustration of what you try to achieve (manually within Rhino)?

Thanks for responding so quick. This is what I’m trying to do. I had already done it in a straight rectangular surface. But the arch is messing with the Unit X plane.

Have you tried the “Align Plane” component along Z-Unit axis ?

If you do so, you will probably need to rotate your source plane also.

Thank you,
I tried aligning and rotating but very likely did something wrong.

I connected the align plane as the axis to rotate. Was that wrong?

I think you just need to rotate by 45° your xyPlane which is connected to the orient component.

That worked! Thanks a ton!!