Orienting perpendicular to a curve rather than a surface

Hi, I’m trying to model a grid of posts along a surface. I have the grid curves on grasshopper and the rectangle of the post and just need to orient the post to the grid in order to sweep it. I know how to orient to a surface but now am struggling with orienting the post cross section perpendicular to the grid curves. Would I create perpendicular planes to the curve in order to orient the cross section to them?

230727_Dining_Pods_EM work_loft.gh (34.3 KB)


Here it is. Copy-paste for the second set of curves.

230727_Dining_Pods_EM work_loft.gh (36.2 KB)

Thanks so much! Could I ask why you rotated the pane?

Nvm, got it! It was to rotate the geometry.

Thanks again

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