Orienting perpendicular planes

I need to set a series of perpendicular planes to a complex curve, but i need all of the x vectors of it to be outward oriented from it. Is there an easy way for it?

Any advise will be appretiated.



You can try using the Align Plane component, with a Unit X vector connected to the D (direction) input.

Well, that doesnt seem to work, since the curve is closed.

What i’ve done so far is project all to a generic XY plane and evaluate both projected Y vectors angle to the one described from the plane origin projection to the centre of the curve, using the larger measure to select the wether the vector or its inverse is passed on to rebuild the plane… works, but im still looking for a less steps method.


Sorry, I misread your original post. Maybe this is what you are looking for.

OrientingPlanes.gh (12.5 KB)

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Wow… that’s just what I was lloking for!

Thanks for such an elegant solution, mate.