Rotate xz plane along a curve


I’m working on an scheme bridge formed by a section (deck) along a curved path (spline).

I have divided the length of the curve and now want to place the section of the deck at each point along the curve by using ‘orient’ tool (to orient both planes xz). Half of the curves appear to be turned 180 degrees on the xz axis, and I dont know why.

Could anybody help me out with this?

thanks a lot!

The “Plane Normal” component you’re using doesn’t have enough information to know how to orient its X and Y axes, so it chooses arbitrarily.
Use Align Plane afterwards to align it with your Z axis or construct it differently in the first place -Perpendicular Frames along your curve?

(Post your definition if you want more help)

I believe the planes shown in the image are relates to the points on the curve. Should I change them before bring the columns to the curve?

Thanks for your answer. Definition and rhino attached.

180404.3dm (52.8 KB) (21.3 KB)

As @qythium said… Align Planes should work… (24.1 KB)

Thanks @HS_Kim, I got it already. I aligned the planes, along the curve and had to rotate them as well, because the new section came up all the way round.
Thank you!180404.3dm (21.8 KB) (32.4 KB)