Orient ribs horizontal without going 2d


So I spent most of today trying to lay and nest my vertical ribs without making them 2d. I’m new here :grinning:. I’ve tried OpenNest and Fabtools but both are more for 2d objects moving along one axis. My guess is that I’d need to some how find the plane of each rib and then orient them to the proper horizontal plane.

I have to do a flip mill operation on the ribs which is why they need to stay 3d. I can’t use bowerbird because I need to stay in nurbs. I of course can do this manually but future projects are just too complex. I’d rather focus on other area if possible.

Once I’m horizontal I’m sure I can use arrange or pack to organize. That’s the easier part.

I’ll post a model and def in a bit when I get near my computer.

Thanks fam!

The easy part is orienting waffle ribs to the World XY plane. Nesting is much harder.

June 22, 2015

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Lol well S*#%! I had a 50/50 shot. Thanks Joseph! I’ll check that out in a bit and get back to posting.


Alrighty finally back to work…Been in Cancun for a few days :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Nesting is no biggy. I’m okay with manually doing that part. I have more of a labeling and laying out concern.

Your def is really nice and seems to work if I could just lay them with the radial waffle in mind. Since my structure isn’t orthogonal, all of my ribs are rotating.

Easy. I looked back though a couple of your earlier threads on this subject to find the geometry (“ribs”) but don’t know what is current?

You can get the planes from earlier in your models where the ribs started as flat surfaces, before they were thickened, then use Orient from them to move the 3D versions.