Create rib structure for laser cutting in grasshopper

Need to fabricate a complex surface by creating ribs in the x and y direction. I am unable to find any latest script for creating a ribbed structure in grasshopper.
It will be great if someone can share the required script.

Ouha super precise question :grin:
They are many plugin Bowerbird for example

Yeah Bowerbird is great. Be sure to check your plywood thickness before setting the slot widths!

*Cut my own ribs + Massive unroller scripts.
( but i dont know still if they run with rhino 6 ?)

**what do you used the last time ?

Aren’t you a bit late? :smiley:
If you need a script, we had really many waffle threads in the lasst time. May have a look at them.

Where can i find them ? ----** “”“many waffle threads”"" in the lasst time**----

( i have follow some tutorials years ago,

and now, i was trying to do again an object with these old scripts !

i dont know if i am a little bit late,

…you know the software change always,… and we use a lot not only this or that software and plugins.

“late” = what is late for you ?.. if depend always.


“Late” because the thread is is over since 4 months ago …
Use the search function on this Forum or on google to find the waffle threads.

May you try it with your old scripts. Nobody can know if they work or not. Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody knows what scripts you have.

Ok, thanks!

Do you have found some ?for waffle,ribs x and y…
Where? Can you say it?

Many tutorials and scripts are right there