Orient - perpendicular


Can someone explain why the shape is tapered - using orient on curve ( perpendicular )
orientperp.3dm (231.1 KB)


Hi Keith,

Due to the tilt of the crv to orient to in relation to the active Cplane, this specific set up orients the profile crv normal to the direction of the rail but not also rotated to align to the plane of the rail crv. In this case, I’d use Orient3Pt as shown using a copy of the rail. I used the Gumball with ‘align to object’ and then dragged a copy of it by tapping alt while dragging in the rail crvs Z.

OrientOnCrv just doesn’t have enough information about the rotation of the profile desired after it’s initially made perpendicular.
orient3pt_bjames.3dm (99.6 KB)

Thanks Brian - Orient3Pt certainly works.

Can you look at the next example where I have set up a cplane based on the circle and remaped the profile to the cplane. Why does this taper when the objects are aligned.

orientperp2.3dm (52.0 KB)


This looks incorrect to me…


Thanks Pascal - does this mean it will be looked into further.


Hi Keith- yes, I’ll see what I can find out from the developer and get back to you here. Currently, I say it is a bug…