Wish - Orient on Crv - Rotate option - activate Osnaps on the object


I’m benchmarking several methods to orient a reference profile to a curve that has a random orientation.
In this example I use OrientonCrv with Perpendicular option.
It works fine but I have to set the rotation - fine, I’ll just use the command option for that.

The problem is that there is no way to set a first reference point on the object itself after it’s located perpendicular to curve, this temporary object isn’t recognized by OSnaps.
This essentially forces to do a Rotation3D afterwards.

Following my exploration of RemapCPlane and OrientOnCrv…

RemapCPlane is a bit strict about the original CPlane.

It appears that it takes the active CPlane at the time the command starts.
I would expect it to take the CPlane in the view where the source object is selected.
OrientOnCrv allows that and maybe is too loose on that option - see video where I start the command and select the object in Front view, but select the base point in top view - therefore Top CPlane is chosen as source.
This is correctly explained in the Help :


Orients the object perpendicular to the curve. The perpendicular plane is determined by the current construction plane when the base point is picked.

but there is no warning for RemapCPlane that source CPlane cannot be changed in the command.

Yeah… I agree the command could be more flexible… not even sure it should be limited to CPlanes, even if that is the default behavior.


I found this one :smiley:

At least explaining exactly what it does in the Help would be great.