Orient Geometry by Edge and Srf-Normals

hello there,
i am stuck with a problably small problem.

id like to orient objects (in this case pyramids) along edges of this cell, the cornes as base point.
in addition the angle should be the avarage of the meeting surfaces.

i did get to the point of orienting the object to its srf-normal but not further.
(just seen, i could have flipped the pyramids, but it wouldnt solve my problem - just for preview reason)

orient_geometry_from_point_to_edge.gh (11.1 KB)

so what i can not achieve is following:

  • orient each object to corresponding midpoint/endpoint of its oriented edge (for example ?)
  • rotating the objects on their axes to the angle between the meeting surfaces

i hope you can help me out! :slight_smile:
bes wishes, blindapple

I think you are searching for vertex adjacency.

orient_geometry_from_point_to_edge_VertexAdjacency.gh (24.9 KB)

Or edge face adjacency:

orient_geometry_from_point_to_edge_EdgeFaceAdjacency.gh (47.6 KB)

First concept give info about vertices that are around nth vertex and other concept gives info about edge and its neighbour faces:

I used NGon for getting this info about mesh topology:

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hey @Petras_Vestartas :slight_smile:
thank you for your quick respond and sorry for answering that late!

wow, it looks like it fits as wanted!
thank you very much! i did not know this one yet! …much to learn!
also thank you a lot for the alternative way as well!

i will take a more detailed look into it by tomorrow!

thank you again, have a good day! :slight_smile:

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