Mesh entities- Ngon problem

It works with other GH tools like Weaverbird and Quad Remesh…

I did notice that the original mesh is a mix of triangles and quads… perhaps NGon does not like this?

It’s such a nice mesh! Did you design it yourself or where did it come from? (17.8 KB)

The mesh have no issues. Just imagine you want to have simple subdivision, then for sure WB is the most straight forward to accomplish what you need.

Actually I would like to use ngon for getting topological info of the mesh: face adjacency, edge adjacency, vertex-face relations, etc…
I was trying to use ngon but sevaral Ngon widgets did not react with my mesh. I think there is not limititation for the poligon edge count in Ngon I guess. ActauylIy do not want to subdivide the mesh. I wanted to use exactly because it contains triangles and quads.

I can really recall I think it is from Sketchup warehouse.

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I will make screenshot evening.

Adjacency is computed correctly once you create mesh from polylines.
I internally create ngons for triangles and quads to have more consistency, so it works for 3,4, 5 … n vertex faces. These are a few adjacency components, there are more of those under vertex, edge, face tabs:

So you could operations like this:

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Did you make the screenshot with my mesh?
It did nőt work for me.

Yes the previous screenshot comes from your mesh.
Did you try?

Interestingly, the Sandbox topology tools return no error but no data on this mesh (I think they might be tri mesh only) but the M+ topology tools do give topology info…

@martynjhogg read my post above. There are no errors.

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can you post your example with my mesh please? (18.1 KB)

Thanks l lot. How should I know that I need ToP and FromP elements before I am using those elements? They have also Mesh inputs…

I was trying to select just one Ngon of the mesh. I could not because the ngon is further subdivided into further curves without no obvious reason. You know why is that?
How can I select just on Ngon?

Convert back to polyline if you just need curves:

is there a way to get the angles beetween neighboring ngon, or I have to calculate myself?

This should do the job: (36.6 KB)

oh, great! thank you very much!

NGon looks really good! Is there a way to unblock all the files in one go or do I need to unblock each file one by one?

This Unblock all the files in the GH Libraries directory - Grasshopper

Or simply install plugins via Yak, just one click.