Orient cplane to pointcloud

Dear Gurus,

I’ve been playing around with Agisoft trying to import a point cloud from which I can create a series of sections and eventually a faired drawing of a boat I’m working on.

I’ve tried all sorts of imports from the sparse and dense pointclouds. So far, the only file type my computer can deal with is the sparse pointcloud in PLY format. I can then convert to 3dm.

I would like to reorient the Cplane to the half boat scan. Normally I’d just rotate the boat to the Cplane, but this crashes Rhino. When I orient the cplane using 3 point then the views do not align to the reoriented plane. The for some reason it reverts to some other orientation. Sometimes I get somewhere, sometimes not so much.

Do you have any good advice? I feel like this os one of those tasks that shouoldn’t be too demanding on the CPU, nor too tricky for me!

Hello - if you set your 3pt plane in Perspective, with Universal Cplane set in Options > Modeling aids, it will re-orient the ortho views. Does that help?
@gileshg - you’ll probably want to save your custom CPlane using NamedCplane as well, to save trouble later.


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@pascal you’re a legend. That’s sorted it out amazingly!

many thanks!