Orient camera to surface dimension & align problems

Ive been have a few problems recently with my view ports not displaying the correct view information, i.e top view displays a side view but the tab say’s top, this seems to have developed in to another problem, now when I orient a camera to surface it won’t correctly dimension the face of the object i am looking at. the dimensions are still rotated to the original planer information, it is also effecting the align command, in that trying to align the object gives unexpected results.

I have uploaded a file which is displaying the above described behaviour and each new file i start i am able to re create the problem, this only started on 23.03.17.Test .3dm (3.6 MB)

any help much appreciated as I’m really struggling with this issue.

Try the menu View > Set View > Top . IIRC the dimensions orientate to the CPlane, and it seems that did not change from the original View setting (World Top).


Hi Max thanks for the reply but this has had no effect in the rotated view the dimension is still not properly aligned

Orienting the camera doesn’t make dimensions sit on the camera plane. You need to put a CPlane on the face that you want to dimension.

(That said, I would probably put an aligned dim in the top view to dimension this one…)

Thank’s wim, your comment has help resolve both the Dimension & align issues i was having, I hadn’t ticked the set Construction plane option ! When aligning the camera which was throwing me, Fairly new to rhino still.

Iam still have an issue with my view port window naming tho. ! when i switch from say right to left, the window still states right!. even tho it has swapped to the left ? any suggestions ?

I’m not able to reproduce that here on Windows. Let’s get a Mac user to check this some more. @maxz / @dan ?

Hello, so I had a look at the uploaded file, and indeed, the named view does not correlate to the view shown when switched, and now all my files have this named view issue.

Teri, @Zen found that this issue was earlier reported here:

Viewport Name Issue

The viewport name can be anything, you can change it in the Viewport Properties panel (and save the drawing afterwards). And as @Zen said, there is no correlation with the camera orientation. You can change it to a perspective view, and the name will still be Top.
If you need to look at both orientations Left and Right a lot, it makes sense to either change one of the four available viewports permanently by changing both name (Viewport Properties) and orientation (Set View).
Another way is to use NewFloatingViewport. You have to find out yourself how that works for you, I never tried it sofar.


Edit: It seems this is not the normal behaviour, and may be changed soon. See the thread that @wim referred to.

Hi all - this has been fixed in the WIP builds; as far as I can see, it is not in an official release yet.