Viewport Name Issue

Hello, does anyone have any info about this - or have had the safe problem: My viewport names do not match up to the viewport shown - for instance In 4 view - I right click to show Back view and it will show back view but say Front.

Also sometimes the view does not change at all. Any ideas regarding this - resetting viewports etc.

I am running - Rhino for Mac - OSX 10.11.3 - El Capitan


Hi Dan - I see that here as well. Thanks for the report. I don’t remember off hand, myself, if earlier releases behaved correctly… but I’ll get it on the heap to get fixed.

I’m getting it too. (5.3.1 OSX 10.12.3)
Definitely new since 5.3

We think we have a fix in the works that should go out in the next RhinoWIP. I’ll post again here when the next RhinoWIP is published. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Same issue, looking forward to the up date. :slight_smile:

@dan: please check the CPlane behaviour as well. THIS thread suggest that, besides the Viewport name, the CPlane orientation does not follow the Viewport setting. I did not test this myself.


This item should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E41w). Please give it a try.

@maxz I haven’t checked the CPlane issue yet, but I still have it on my TODO list.