Order vertex

Anybody knows how i can change the number that the node “order list” give to a vertex of a curve?



What is the expected result ?

If you need to put those numbers back in counterclockwise order, you can Explode the output of Join Curves and Cull Index the last item of the vertices list.

If you just want to shift the display order, you can use Shift List.

If you want the contour to have its start point at a specific location, you’ll need to adjust the Seam. The new parameter can be calculated with Curve Closest Point.

Thanks so much for the clarity of your answer.

@magicteddy ,
I am trying to have a start point at a specific location but i don´t understand the concept “seam” maybe for the translation to spanish. Could you please explain what you mean?


In Grasshopper, the location of a point along a curve can be described by a parameter; It’s a number, usually between 0 and 1. 0 is the start of the curve and 1 is the end. Except for simple curves such as lines or arcs, the numbers between 0 and 1 are not related to the length of the curve.

On a closed curve, the start point and the end point are equal. But the curve is still “open”, it’s just that the openings are at the same position.

It’s possible to change this position - the seam - by providing the Seam component a new parameter. On this example I move the opening to the point on the bottom segment.

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ok, understood. I attach an image in case it help somebody.