How to organize the points order(they must have same start point) in GH

HI everyone

I have some strips which are made from some triangular faces. each strip is a mesh. now I need to have each face vertices separately and with the same order. in each row of triangular faces there is one or two faces that order of its vertices is different from the other, however, they must have the same order. How can I make them true?
It needs to be parametric to be practical for all strips.

Assuming that you have a close to flat meshes.

You can get the starting point by specifying a point in the 3D space and then draw circles at triangle centers and use that for “sort along curve”.

You didn’t upload any file, but from the picture alone I can tell you used components that will almost surely mess up you order randomically.
Offset on surface, avoid that, if it’s a triangle, use offset loose.
Sort points. That will specifically re-order your points alongworld X>Y>Z directions!

The same of what?
Please be more specific.

From the picture it seems you want the first vertex to be the rect-angle, then the second it seems to be the vertex on the opposite side of the strip… is this correct?

Please attach your data here.