Option to Uncheck Hidden Lines in Wireframe Mode

Can we have an option to hide ‘hidden lines’ in wireframe display mode, or can there be another display mode with the same functionality?

I think you want Technical display mode - have a look at all of the different settings, you can get a wireframe with hidden lines invisible.

The technical display mode gives a raster output (if printed or plotted as PDF)… whereas wireframe gives a vector output.
Basically, the ability to make hidden lines invisible in wireframe display mode is very similar to asking for vector output for the technical display mode.

Yep - I’m just not sure that’s currently possible with the current display system…

Hi - this is on the wish list as item RH-11615.
I have added your vote to the report. Thanks!

technical display is based on some open gl effect which is not going to deliver any vectors at all in its current condition. if you need vectors for printing then using make2d will be your best friend. that will allow you to hide hidden edges. in combination with a slightly modified technical display that should work?

This issue is not easy. Make2D for architectural purpouses is not a good deal. If you use VisualArq, there is a really nice view mode called “Hidden”, but just is available if you have VisualArq installed.

I just saw this in YouTrack:


This is huge @wim , thank you!!