Wireframe but without 'hidden' - Display Setting nightmare

If I use several of the layout display settings there is a tick box :
‘show hidden lines’
… however most of them either only work in raster view (not vector)… or when they display lines they are too thick and unsightly…
All I really want is to be able to create a copy of the wireframe mode which displays silhouettes (so ‘tubes’ are visible… but hides ‘hidden lines’, as I would typically demonstrate internal structure in a separate detail view) - however this option is missing from Wireframe (as is silhouette)

It seems that there is a specific logic to the various different setting modes… (demonstrated by menu items missing from some modes, but not others) - but no supporting documentation demonstrating exactly what the limitations etc of each display mode are (it feels like several are ‘analogues’ of each other based on the same core functionality) e.g, are shaded and technical basically the same mode with different tick boxes selected - or are there genuine fundamental differences between these two modes and how they can display the model ?

The net result for me at least is that I have created numerous variations on each of the default display options - all of which done very much by trial and error. Which is tedious, and a waste of time, and I STILL haven’t found a mode I am happy with. Trying to find a mode that has nice thin lines… but which displays the whole model (include solid tubes) but omits the hidden interior lines (or better still has the option to have them dotted)

I have workarounds… typically I have to use 'make2d and mess around with that … or worse still draw the missing lines directly onto the layout page…
But it seems to me that a variation on ‘wireframe’ would allow proper parametric layouts (i don’t know if that is the correct term - i mean layouts that adapt when the model is changed)

By contrast if I export the model as an .dwg and import into AutoCAD Inventor … it ‘just works’ and I can have a professional looking drawing in minutes…
So much of the issues I am having seems to be linked to the strange and irregular tick box options associated with layouts…

Any advice gratefully appreciated

Hi -

Yes, these are fundamentally different ways of displaying the model and the different options can’t be mixed.
There are plans to, one day, get rid of the technical display pipeline and include the options in the main display pipeline. Until then, and especially if you need vector output, using Make2D is the suggested workflow.

OK, understood. Thanks for the quick reply

This is the issue I am up against…
LH = on screen
RH = print out