Option to set camera to rotate around C-plane Z axis?

Hi. Is there an option to set the camera to rotate around the C-plane Z axis when pressing right mouse button and dragging mouse horizontally instead of the World Z the way it normally does?

I find that when working with complex funky surfaces camera navigation gets kinda tricky and not so great. I cannot find this option it seems very obvious. I would be surprised if it did not exist in Rhino 5.

Another useful camera option I do not see would be ‘Set Camera to Rotate Around X or Y or Z axis of Gumball’

or X or Y or Z of C-plane

or X or Y or Z of World


You’re describing the Viewport “target”
There is a button to set it or you can change the target in Viewport Properties.

No… that is an area that could be tuned up it seems to me. I’ll see if I can get developer @dale to chime in… (he’s on vacation right at the moment)


Thanks much

The answer is in rhino 4 & 5 the rotation of the camera view / VP is limited to the rotation around Z of the World. This is a significantly serious problem when:

  1. Camera navigation when working with massive complex surfaces at odd angles camera navigation becomes impossible.
  2. Its impossible create micros to instantly change to views needed rather than with time consuming “tricky” mouse rotations including tilting the view to a “side view” in plane with the current construction Cons Plane (CP) at some thing other than a 90 degree views.
  3. The selection of a std 90% viewpoint such as bottom front back right and left result in a change of the current construction plane there by changing the users X,Y,Z input orientation. Additionally side issues :slight_smile: the right and left view are to the users right and left, not from the right and left sides / faces of the object Ouch!
  4. Try writing a text book explaining why the camera view is limited to the W-cp and why a VP section in Rhino also changes the CP also and why you must do a transformation in your head of the + value you had in mind for Z in one view becomes = to + - X , ±Y or -Z value. An easy matix transformation for a machine, but at best a smile irritation with the design of simple objects and totally disruptive to the point of non functional in the design of massive complex bio cellular structures.

I’m guessing you think that everybody can easily read your mind but I sure had problems following you…

At any rate:

Have you tried Options > View > Rotate > Rotate relative to view?

Since camera navigation hardly ever comes up as a significantly serious problem around here, I’m deducing nobody else is working with massive complex surfaces. Perhaps you would therefore be kind enough to provide a clear description of the issue and a model that exemplifies the problem?

Yes. If you prefer not to use the current construction plane for input, you can put a ‘w’ in front of the x,y,z input to make it use the world construction plane.

I’m not sure, but does this have something to do with that?

I’m not sure if you are wishing that somebody writes that text book or if that is what you are doing. Apart from that, the number 4 section seems to me to be a repetition of the issues stated above that - am I missing something?

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Gee :blush I am very lucky you tried to follow reply to the post. ,Well I did rewrite this and re-posted this in the dev forum. The forums are my last resort.

The setting are not very clear … The “Rotate relative to view?” only changes the input from absolute to relative rotation around the WC Z axis. It was one of the first system setting tried and realized its relative to view based only on WC system… ??? That was a long time ago in rel 4 and tried again in rel 5 … not expecting it to work because most do not understand that the camera view will only rotate around the WC Z axis.

No The preference is to use the current CP for input using different views and Yes I have use both W for world and R for relative input from current CP or so one would think … However R in front was not relative to the current CP. Using R in macros to change the ViewPorts it turns out R is relative to WC not current CP… again no rotation around any other axis … The goal is not to change the CP but to rotate views around the CP.

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X = W or L or H
Y = W or L or H
Z = only L or H
Then add to this the selection of std viewsports that also change the CP without any notification changing the Xdirectional . Yet do not change the CP of the viewports … its so irrational a visually confusing … The 4th point is this the first three points about the geometric confusion are so hard to follow because its over all an inconsistent illogical mess … So well trying to write a txt book about them in some rational meaningful manner with out change them

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Most Rhino users and ones on the forum for some time… or the Rhino support people are not aware the rotation of the camera view was locked to the Z WCs axis. In general live with directional confusion… will even accept the use of the left hand rule with Yup … because the OpenGl graphics libary is written this way. Apparently written as if the programer was behind the cathode ray gun scanning / shooting electrons at the screen or maybe not… The resulting directional and orientation confusion from this is not good for anyone. It was Brian J… upon receiving the list of inconsistent use of terms… said we have chosen aesthetics of the system over rational consistency. thanks for your input …

yeah, i think the description leaves some room for different interpretations… fwiw, i was thinking @carlvilbrandt is talking about the following scenario… the green represents the standard top/perspective CPlane… if i change the CPlane as shown in the model then orbit (or whatever it’s called-- RMB click/hold/drag )… the green plane is still representative of the camera’s “platter” and rotation still goes around world Z… whereas the wish is to have the camera platter change to the current CPlane’s Z-axis.

Yep! Jeff you got it… right … thank’s for taking the time…

a link to the following example… were to work on the tilted faces …
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a new model using only Rhino…

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a new model using only Rhino…

-pascal Yes this would be a good place to add a dialog box that allows you to set the rotations about the Gumball axis … It would be of great help… The work around is to create a new file / export the part of the object and then import the object … back into the old file. -carl :smiley: hope dale can help … thanks again.

RH-30994 is fixed in the latest WIP