Optimizing Meshes for Rendering (with Maxwell Render and Rhino)


I am really new to rendering and I have just seen this video.

Most things I want to render are 25-200 cm large and I don’t really know what to think now. Is ‘Smooth+Slower’ e.g. good enough for a coffee table? Or what would be decent general custom setting for objects of that size?

You may be fine with the default render mesh settings if the geometry of the model is planar but if it’s quite curved and organic in form, more polygons will likely be needed to make the surface look smooth. This is especially true when zoomed in on a model for close ups. If you plan on using render mesh displacement or other render mesh features in Rhino like edge softening, you may need to customize the render mesh for more density, shorter edges or more initial quads so that the render mesh modifier has more polys to work with.

I wouldn’t say any of this is specific to Maxwell but more of rendering NURBS models in general. Check out this wiki page on render mesh settings too… http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/meshfaqdetails

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Thank you, Brian.