Operation of a "3Dconnexion Space Navigator" Mouse in Rhino 5 vs 4

For years I was using Rhino 4 in combination with a “3Dconnexion Space Navigator” mouse. I was really happy because it worked directly from all views, like:
Top, Front, Left, Right, Perspective. All movements of the mouse did their job.

At the moment I’m still not using Rhino 5 because In this version I could not manage to have the same functionallity of the “3Dconnexion Space Navigator” mouse as in Rhino 4. It only zoom’s in and out in the lat vies like: Top, Front, Left, Right etc. Full functionallity is only possible in perspective view.

The settings in the options menu are also looking different.

I also have nbeen in contact with 3DConnexion about this matter. They told me that Rhino has to optimize their software to be able to use all functionallity of this device. 3DConnexion is willing to assist if necesarry.

Can anyone help or advise??

Regards JM

After installing the latest 3DConnexion driver the functionallity of the mouse has lost completely in Rhino V4. At the moment I’m going to install a previous driver

I’ve been using 3D Connexion devices in Rhino, both versions 4 & 5, for years without any issues. What functionality are you missing? Do you mean that you wish to freely rotate the model in all viewports?

Hi MisterB,

Yes that’s were I’m looking for. Until now I haven’t been able to do this. In Rhino 5 only in Perspective view. Do you know a solution?

If you hold Ctrl+Shift when moving your navigator, you should be able force the parallel view to rotate. Is that what you are looking for?

Hi Wim, Yes that’s what I’m looking for but than without holding Ctrl+Shift when moving your navigator. Do you know how??

I recall accidently rotating the parallel views at some point in the past, it could well have been prior to version 5. I couldn’t think of reason why I would want to use that feature so I reversed whatever setting it was I changed (I think it was one of the function buttons on my Spacemouse Pro).

I have just tried to do it again without success. Perhaps this is a feature that no longer works in v5.

May I ask why you want to rotate the parallel views? Couldn’t you achieve the same thing in the perspective view? The answer may be just because that’s how you like to work - which is fine by me :-).

I didn’t know this technique. It does work, even in v5. It seems to be persistent so you don’t need to keep the Crtl+Shift depressed. Perhaps it will do what j_m_rottine wants. Handy tip to know.

Yes, I had to look in the help file to find the correct key combination to do this. I don’t see any reason to do it in a real situation, though, and so I’ll just forget that combo straight away :smile:

I’m using Mac OS Rhino with a Space Navigator and the option to enable 3d rotation of plan parallel views is found in Preferences/3D Connexion/ then enable “Rotate plan parallel views”.

Thanks, Abraham. I’m using Windows and can’t locate that setting. It may be there somewhere but I’m quite happy leaving things as they are. Perhaps this is the setting I fiddled with once and it’s no longer included.

Nice guitars by-the-way.

Hi abrahamwechter,

This option is not available in Rhino 5 windows version

Hi MisterB,

In plan and paralel views you are able to zoom until the surfaces. You cannot go trough the surfaces. In persepctive view you will pass the surfaces at a certain point.

Yes, but you can just easily change the projection in your perspective viewport without having to mess up your ortho views.

Hi Wim,

What I try to achieve is to be able to rotate the view with the 3DConnexion Navigator mouse in all directions in Parallel views. When I set in this parallel view the setting like above to perspective, I get the same result as in a normal perspective view. By zooming in I will penetrate the surfaces at a certain point. A want to stay in front of the surfaces.

Yes, what I tried to show was that you can just go to the properties of your perspective viewport and change it to a parallel projection (not the other way around).