OpenNest using Sheets with holes (feature wish)

It would be great if OpenNest could work on sheets with interior cutouts/holes. The sheets could be input as a flat surface and interior / exterior curves could be sorted out internally in the component to keep inputs simple.

In the current plugin, the ‘sheet’ shape on the left works, the one on the right would not.

I’m actually looking for this feature to help place annotations on parts and avoid cutting holes, but I’m sure the feature would be handy in lots of applications! Thanks for an amazing plugin.

P.S. What engine does open nest use? Is it this one?

Hi @Patt,

There is a “Transform” output which coupled with Grasshopper’s “Transform” component can be use to orient the holes along with nested outlines.

I do often use the transform output, I don’t know if it’s relavent here.

This is what I’m trying to describe;

Hi @Patt,

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I don’t think this is possible.

Here’s another link describing a useage case

The only work around I can think of is to split the initial sheet into single loops before starting. The downside is that the shapes avoid crossing the ‘join’ lines.

If you don’t need a real nesting, you can use that, as it is mesh it allows holes …

I have done a nesting tool using the same logic, but it is far for being released


Thanks for the reply @laurent_delrieu , I’m a big fan of your scripts from the forum over the years (the sand dune generator is great!).

I look forward to the nesting tool, the code certainly handles this use case. I only wish it didn’t duplicate the shapes to be ‘nested’ as it is currently. Thanks!