Open Nest solution for nesting surfaces with cut outs and add numbers

Hi there!

I’m trying to use Open Nest to nest these surfaces for cutting. I can’t figure out how to nest the surfaces that have internal cutouts. I tried a solution I saw that used a convex Hull operation but it seems to fail because of the nature of my surfaces.
I also want them to be numbered so I can have a map to label them after cutting. It’s being cut into stone that can’t be etched.

I’m an absolute newbie so apologies for not understanding.

Uploading: Sugar Glider Mock Up for GH.3dm…
Nesting Attempt with (12.2 KB)

Good morning,

Did you check the example files from Food4Rhino?

Hi Petras,
The example files were what got me to this point but I can’t make sense of where to go next. The “nesting shapes with holes” example appears to input surfaces straight into the geometry, but it only works for me once I’ve converted them to curves through the Brep Edges function and joined them.

Any pointers are much appreciated.


The upload of your .3dm file seems to have failed, please try again.


Hi Kevin,
Sorry about that, try this one

Sugar Glider Mock Up for GH.3dm (17.3 MB)

Have a look at this:

Nesting Attempt with (16.9 KB)


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Kevin you’re a god send. Thanks so much.

Now I’m gonna spend the afternoon figuring out what you’ve done.