OpenNest transform problem - fold lines and text not nesting correctly

Hi there, I’m trying to nest 18 unrolled pyramids using OpenNest by @Petras_Vestartas.
I’ve menaged to nest all cutlines correctly but when I try to add fold lines and text I’m getting strange results.

I haven’t used guides before so I’m not sure if I’m using this component correctly or is there anything else that is causing a problem.

When using ‘transform’, fold lines and text are aligned with cutlines correctly but there are way too many shapes.

When I graft transform I get the correct number of nested shapes but fold lines and text are not aligned with the cutlines (only one shape is nested correctly).

Thanks in advance for your help.
OpenNest_1.3dm (18.5 MB) (44.7 KB)

Use RhinoObjects component, Inside it is searching for closed polylines, and groups elements if curves are inside of them:

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That’s perfect! Thank you so much for this plugin and for your help. Much appreciated.