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I have been following this video: OpenNest: #02 Nesting Rhino Objects with their Attributes | Objects' IDs - YouTube
But I don’t get why I can’t seems to achieve it. I want to nest those shapes with the number inside them so I can later identify them. In the example provide I have 4 shapes, but the project contains more then 100 of those. I have receive help earlier from you guys for nesting crv withing crv, but that seems a little deferent and I can figure it out.

thanks a lot ! (29.4 KB)

Your ID (Guid) param is not initialized. Referring to a Rhino file?

P.S. I would avoid passing anything through a text panel.

I can’t internalise the crv in the guid, I even convert them to polyline with curve to polyline.
the panel was just to see the output, but you are right I have moved it.
I have interalise the crv into the crv node. But I don’t know where to to internalise the text. (18.3 KB)

Looks the same to me. By the way, the internalized curves in your first file were disconnected segments that need to be joined to make the shapes.

I see them as closed curve on my side.
What I’ve done so far is to convert those closed curves to polyline through the CRV to polyline node.
Then I bake them so I can put them in the GUID node. They are well nested at the end except that the number don’t follow. I feel like I’m missing something
I know the crv node is not connected anywhere, it’s there to provide the shape to the file.

this is me manually making simple polyline shape with number inside them and it works. So I think it must be something with the crv that I give in input.
It is the same GH file


When you’re using the RhinoObjectsandTransform Guid components, the input curves (shapes and text) need to be referenced from a Rhino file (not internalized in a grasshopper file).

Here’s an example I put together with shapes I baked from your file.

OpenNest_230130b.3dm (95.6 KB) (7.7 KB)


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Interesting and useful. Transform Guid seems like an odd name for that component for two reasons:

  1. All properties are copied, not just Guids.
  2. What does transform have to do with it? Maybe I don’t really want/need to know…

Take a look It might be what you’re looking for Ship Designer : CNC Cutting from 3d model (NESTING) in Rhinoceros - YouTube

I guess it’s kind of difficult to come up with a fitting name that isn’t too long. Like Transform Copy Of Rhino Object With All Attributes :crazy_face:

Actually all attributes except Guids are copied (wouldn’t be unique if you copied it).

It’s transforming (moving/rotating) geometry that is referenced by
Guids (it won’t do anything without appropriate data at the Transform input).

Seems like the Run input might be more appropriately named Bake


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Hey @farouk.serragedine is appears that your Ship Designer plug-in was made with a cracked/pirated version of Rhino.

From your videos: