OpenNest - How to separate the inner curves with transform?

Hi all,

I’m just trying to work out how to separate the inner curves with the transform functions with Opennest. I’ve looked at the youtube videos and other messages on here but can’t work it out.

I can get the ‘outer cut’ boundary separate, but not sure how to get the ‘inner cut’ and ‘draw’ separated.

In reality I’ll be streaming them in from either the pipelines or grasshopper curves populated further up the definition.

I did this for Rhino OpenNest plugin.

The logic is following:

  1. Iterate outer curves
  2. Check if inner or other curves end points and mid point are inside the region.
  3. For faster check add bounding box check first.

So you need to order curves before nesting and place them in a correct datatree branch corresponding to outer curve id.

Does that help?

@scottd How I can create a mcneel group subcategory for OpenNest, I feel I miss most of users questions by checking the mcneel forum in some rare occasions?


Thanks Petras. Great work on building OpenNest by the way!

If anyone is interested I’ve added screenshots of it working on multiple Transform outputs. It does need the Outer Curve to be a closed polyline or curve to work.

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Looks neat! What are you going to cut?

It’s a textile CNC to cut and draw on cloth. I can now send the files straight from Rhino instead of going through a clunky cam software. :slight_smile:

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@scottd why there is no tag for opennest till now.

I am confuse what the question is?

Dear Scott need subcategory for opennest plugin.

Like this one?

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Thanks @scottd hope @Petras_Vestartas will be happy now.

He was requesting it

Thank you