Opening the lights panel crashes rhino

super stange: i disabled all 3rdparty plugins, incl vray and rhino next still crashes the program. (panel gui doesnt load/black, then rhino crashes)
reinstalled a couple of times, latest SR - still crashes

tried safe mode, but then the lights planel isnt even available.

could someone help out?

Hi Anika - please check in Options > Plug-ins for this plug-in: Renderer Development Kit UI

Make sure it is enabled.

Any luck?


was enabled.
now i tried deleting the registry entries of Renderer Dev Kit & Dev Kit UI… still crashes…
I rarely use that panel, so I dont know what it could be.
anything else i can try?

might it be vray?

Hi Anika - is there a crash report UI when Rhino crashes? If so, please do send that in. The way to test for VRay involvement - or any plug-in for that matter - is yo disable it in Options > PlugIns page and then restart Rhino …