Opening elevation of user defined objects

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I guess we are not able to easily make an opening elevation drawing of user defined objects…or am I not right?

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Hi Petr, do you mean an opening elevation of a door or window created from a block? This is something we should fix in future versions. On the other hand if you want to create an elevation drawing using the the vaSectionView command, all openings will show up correctly in the Section/Elevation views, including those created from blocks.
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Hi Francesc, yeas i mean openings containing user blocks. I think this could be little bit tricky to include into VA component, but if you guys manage with it…well, with 2.0 including GH definitons…amazing


@petumatr I’m glad to say in VisualARQ 2.6 openings created from blocks or from GH styles are now displayed with the vaOpeningElevations command.

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