Opening Elevation Questions


I was wondering, what are the dimension lines extending below the windows representing, and is there a way of removing them from the Opening Elevations documentation? Also, is there a way of arranging the elevations in a certain order?

Also to add on, I seem to have an issue where moving the generated opening elevations results in the arrowheads being scattered from their original position.


Hi, the opening elevations are measured from the elevation of the nearest level below. If you have some example where this doesn’t work, please send it to us (
On the other hand tt’s not possible to order them (I take it as a wish for future versions) but you can always move them manually after they are inserted.
The issue of the arrow has been fixed in the upcoming version 2.3.

Hi fsalla,

Thank you for the reply. For the first reply, is there a possibility of disabling those measurements? And yes, ordering by tags could be great!

You can hide/delete the dimensions if you explode the opening elevations and hide/delete them manually.

Ah I see. Thanks. It would be good if there was a toggled option for this if possible!

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