OpenFoam problem finding skew faces

Hi there,
I am trying to run a wind simulation with OpenFoam but i cant pass the meshing stage.
I have 2 skew faces and i cant find them. Does anybody know how can i find them in the Rhino mesh model? is there a command or a plug-in that can find me the skew faces?

thank you very much !

Hello -

Can you explain what the condition is that this refers to?


Hi Pascal,

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run with OpenFoam4.1 a wind flow simulation on a complex building geometry that also sits on a topography ground.

I have 2 skew faces in my mesh generated with snappyHexMesh that i cant find and i dont know how to fix them. I am new with the solver openfoam and i dont have C++ knowledge.
I also get this error : Floating point exception (core dumped)

My understanding of skew face for this program is that in Rhino my export STL has surfaces that are not planar, skew - 2 curvature face. I am trying to find this type of surfaces.

Thank you very much in advance !!

That would be odd, as an .stl export should only contain triangles - therefore everything planar.

Hi Helvetosaur,

True, still all comments on the CFD forums send me back to the rhino model that i am exporting. That the problem would be there.
I am getting this error of skew faces in different program that is creating a internal mesh in a domain. maybe my understanding of skewness is wrong.Are you familiar with the OpenFoam solver for air flow anaylsis?

my error in the meshing process looks like this:

You are more likely to get answers concerning OpenFoam (Butterfly) on the Ladybug Tools discourse forum.

Other than that, you could try uploading your Rhino mesh here and perhaps someone could find something wrong with it. Without a clear description of what ‘wrong’ actually is, that might be difficult, though.

Hi Wim,

i will try the Ladybug Tools forum, thank you very much for replying. It is difficult for me to describe the problem because it is not clear to me what i really need to do in order to make this run :slight_smile:

Have a good day!