Faces not visible in imported STL geometry

Dear all,
I am new to using Rhino. I am trying to convert an STL mesh (Fig.1) to STEP format in Rhino 7 (Windows). This is to use the STEP file for CFD simulation later.

I am following this tutorial using the quad remesh option. However, the quad remesh process freezes at 75%. On diagnosis, I found there are some extremely short edges which got resolved (Fig .2).

My query: I cannot see faces in my imported geometry in Rhino. This was not the case with geometries in the tutorial videos. I am concerned if this could be a cause of the quad mesh freezing at 75%.

Has anyone experienced the same? I appreciate your help greatly.

Many thanks,

Fig 1: My geometry

Fig 2: Mesh repair report

Hello - what do you see if the viewport display mode is set to ‘Shaded’ (Display panel)? The default viewports are in ‘wireframe’ mode.


Hi Pascal,
Spot on! I can see the faces when the display mode is set to ‘Shaded’ from the display panel.
Thanks a lot!