Fabrication File - Nesting

Hello everyone,

I have designed a parametric wall and I need to create a fabrication file. I have used open nest to create nesting but the result I am looking for is not happening. I have attached the grasshopper file and an image showing “What is happening vs What I need”.

Would be helpful if anyone can help. Thank you.

Nesting.gh (180.8 KB)

if you tell OpenNest to nest single flaps, he will nest single flaps and keep a given (customizable) distance between each of them
in order to get what you want, the pairs of surfaces need to be somehow transformed into single objects, then sent to OpenNest

is there any rule to follow when pairing two sides together? or any one can pair with any other, randomly?

I re-oriented and joined the surfaces provided in your file. It looks similar to your desired outcome:

Nesting_re.gh (187.9 KB)


Modified to use outer edge curve for nesting and place breps with the Transform output from the OpenNest component:

Runs faster - this was the result after running 117 iterations.

Nesting_re2.gh (195.4 KB)


Hi thank you for the reply,

No there is no rule to follow while pairing. Any one surface can come behind any other surface, this is so that the fabrication time is reduced and the cost reduces.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for the reply Kevin.

I see that the outcome you have is similar to what I had sent, the only things is right now they are mirrored and I will have 100 different surfaces instead of 50.

May be I was not clear in my message, I want the same 50 unique surfaces joined back to back randomly so that I reduce the fabrication material and time. I hope I am clear now.

Thank you.

Nesting_re3.gh (195.2 KB)