Open holes on voronoi pattern surface

Hi guys,

I am new to Grasshopper.
I would like to create some holes on a Voronoi pattern surface, like below image.

First I create some holes on the surface, then I run the code which made by Martyn Hogg.

However, the code doesn’t work. Hence, how to create some holes on a Voronoi pattern surface?

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you! (16.8 KB)
Holes on Surface.3dm (93.4 KB)

Dendro plugin is one of rescently added option for curve thickening. Have a try… (34.5 KB)


I just discovered the Dendro plugin too - quite impressive.

HSK: how did you figure out to use the Scale object to remove the centerline from the Brep’s edge curves? It seems like any value greater than 1 works - even 1.001. Doing this would have never occurred to me.

Thanks for your help!!!
But I don’t have this component, could you tell me what is it? Thank you!


Flip mesh normals, available in Rhino6 Grasshopper. If using Rhino 5 then you can get a flip mesh from mesh edit:

Thanks for your reply!!