How to add the voronoi pattern in a mesh model

i am a beginner in grasshopper. Can you help me design a model with holes in it. I have generated the pattern but unable to Mix the two to form a single unit.Voronoi Thursday (64.0 KB)Design.3dm (1.0 MB)Design Rhino 6.3dm (1.0 MB)

I’m being told that my Rhino 7 WIP “license” expires in nine days. Are we reaching a point where it will be impossible for Rhino 6 users to view or reply to forum questions posted in R7? (like this one)

Hi Joseph , i uploaded a 6 compatible file .please help. Thanks in advance.

Joseph -

You can add another 90 days to that point if, after your WIP has expired, you download and install the evaluation version. After that point, you will still be able to open Rhino 7 files in the evaluation but not use Grasshopper in Rhino 7 or copy-paste the Rhino geometry to your Rhino 6.
I guess we’ll try to remind people to internalize data if they want to get any help…

I take that as “Yes, we are reaching a point where it will soon be impossible for Rhino 6 users to reply to forum questions posted in R7”?

Less than a year after I upgraded to R6. :man_facepalming: That is rapid, planned obsolescence! :frowning: Very lame.

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That’s correct, yes.

Or “File | Save As…” Rhino 6 format.

What a pain that will be, for years. Ridiculous and highly inconsiderate. :man_facepalming:

Here is a similar topic about arm splint for you.
I think your initial mesh is too dense and there’s no need to have a thickness.
And things would be a lot easier if you just want curve thickening…
In that case, you could use dendro plugin or MultiPipein R7

Ithanks for sharing the link.

Well I used drendo plug in and curves were built successfully. I think the pattern is made with the voronoi block also But probably i dont know how to morph the pattern in the mesh. Like using the surface morph tool but for meshes