Open close function V5 dialog boxes at right

in V4 I could close Layers palette and open from the colourful cake slice icon, or move ot right to 1cm width and double click it to expand out.
V5 has 4 different tabs there, the whole thing is eating up 20% of screen space . Am able to trun off Properties and Notes and Display from panel menu at screen top.

I can then retract layers to 1cm, however double click of the word layer doesnt widen it , one has to carefully locate cursor on the faint row of spots above it to do so !!!
The close icon on properties is so faint you cant see it though, no obvious way apart from visiting the top menu and opening panels, I cant find where to alter the bar colour to get the close icons to show up, anyone know which color setting in appearance that is ?


The color issue is probably a Windows Theme setting that you could play with (as answered in the other thread).

But anyway, it sounds like a macro assigned to a function key or so would help you out more:

-_Layer _Visible _Toggle _Enter

This will make the layer panel appear and disappear when you hit the key you assign it to.

I have never toggled layer on/off with a key, I guess L key would do.
what happens when I am typing text block out, does it ignore the L launches layer ?

I forgot that other thread, …as such though…
The blue theme is Windows Color 1 in properties appearance colors, I am glad for that, I have my pc set to windows classic, neutral greys, for colour work as is correct. I dont want to mess with that. The close icon I am not sure how to get that to show, its a Rhino interface programming thing, I dont thinkl a palette change will fix it.


I don’t understand that bit.

Anyway, if you want to attach the macro to an Alias (Rhino Options - Aliases), you will have to hit enter or space to start the command. Alternatively, you can attach it to a keyboard shortcut (Rhino Options - Keyboard). Check there which ones are available to you…