Any way to quickly minimize and maximise the properties layers help panel?

whilst one can try and get hold of edge and slide an undocked layers panel 9also has properties help etc in it) to near screen edge, I wish to open and close it very quickly.
Its using up too much screen space, even worse on a 1024x768 laptop.

How is that best done ?


I don’t think there’s a way for this, but maybe the bigger guns can weigh in.

The following macro will toggle the layer box on and off.

-_Layer _Visible=_Toggle _Enter

However, it is not transparent, so you cannot run it during another command.


The panel features Properties, layer, display and help.

does this macro vanish all of them ?
I am forever turning it all on and off via red spot top right but the use the handy trick of enter to repeat last command instead operates on the palette.

To double click its top and have it become a thin bar would be great.

Can macros be allocated to a keyboard key combination and if so how or is that unwise ?


No, only the Layer panel.

It seems like Layer and Properties can be macro’ed but not the help panel - at least not to make it disappear. You can make a keyboard shortcut to have it appear though by using
``` '-_CommandHelp`

Hi, so it would require two separate macros, and still display and help would mop up the screen real estate ,

what about keybd shortcuts though it two remain. I dont access display much, for command help I am used to typing that, so kill those off and have a quick way to toggle the other two, ideally as one on-off.

In photoshop the panels can be retracted with a double click, also Freehand.


The following python script should work more or less…

If you have any of the 4 panels mentioned above open, it will close them all.

If you have none of the 4 panels mentioned above open it will open them all.

They should retain their last docked/undocked position (but no guarantees…)

import Rhino

def TestTogglePanels():
    #Help=0, Layers=1, Display=2, Properties=3
    if open_panels:
        for i in range(4):
            if panelIDs[i] in open_panels:
                #at least one of the above is open, so close them all, then exit
                for j in range(4):
    #if we reach here, none of the above panels is open, so open them
    for i in range(4):

Else use the macro Mitch wrote above to toggle the layers pane on and off. Do the same for the properties pane.

Hi @Steve1, This looks like the similar question to another thread today.
Please see my (Originally from Pascal) possible solution there:

Hi, I will try all these solutions when I get 5 mins.
Yours looks simple enough,
just something to turn those screen space munchers on and off in one easy shot.
I would love to have them always on, on a second monitor, but nowhere to place one let alone money to buy one.

V6 needs a solution for this. I would like to see a double click shrink the palette to a single bar, then d/click that and it expands again.