'Select Layer Color' dialog has focus but cannot be accessed as under main window

With Rhino running full screen, I opened ‘Select Layer Color’ dialog. Another app then popped up for a response and, after actioning and closing it, the Rhino dialog was not visible but still had focus. Checking Windows Task View, dialog is still open but any attempt to bring it to the foreground results in the main Rhino window repainting over it too quickly to be able to close it. With the main window full screen I cannot slide it away and without focus I cannot take it out of full screen mode, so Rhino is effectively locked up.

Rhino 7.7.21151.13001, 2021-05-31.

Edit: I was able to close the dialog through Windows Task Manager, leaving the main Rhino process running. As I can’t be confident about the internal state I will close Rhino and restart it though.

When that happens you generally can close such dialogs by pressing ESC.

Sadly not in this case (and I can reproduce the behaviour so I was able to double check).

FWIW the problem arises after using the 2020 version of Snagit to capture an area of the screen including the dialog. Just opening a random Windows app over the top isn’t an issue.

Interesting. Does the dialog float back up to top with pressing any of the modifier keys? alt, shift, ctrl

This works for me whenever a dialog doesn’t want to show when Raytraced is active in the viewport.

No, nothing doing.

Hi Jeremy - - this should be fixed in a public build soon.
RH-63875 Color Picker: Dialog got hidden behind other apps when losing focus

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