OneDrive integration missing on iPad Pro

I have an iPad pro from work that I am hoping to use for file markup and review, and we use OneDrive for our cloud storage solution.
Despite having Onedrive installed (and able to connect to other apps like Procreate), the Onedrive folders do not appear in the file locations in iRhino 3D:

Hi there,

Are you able to navigate to your files on OneDrive using iOS Files app?

Hi Morteza,

Yes, that is working for me:

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That’s a good sign. Then I guess what’s happening is that OneDrive needs to be enabled for iRhino access.
To do this, tap these three dots in iRhino’s file browser

Tap “Edit Sidebar” and toggle OnDrive on. (I don’t have OneDrive installed but this is what the toggles look like)

As a side note, you can always open files in iRhino directly from the “Files” app

That’s part of what’s odd. The Onedrive toggle in the iRhino app is missing, but I have it in Files.

I’m kind of starting to feel like there might be something broken with either Files or Onedrive though. I can’t open .3dm file Via Files if it is in Onedrive, and the downloads from Onedrive to local don’t work. But I can open a file that has been downloaded from an email?

I just tried downloading OneDrive on my iPhone and it just works in iRhino.
You may need to just update OneDrive and/or iOS to latest version.

Those are both up to date.
Is it possible this is a difference between the different flavors of iOS, iPhone vs iPad Pro?

I’ve been able to confirm that the issues were introduced by an IT policy with my company. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for helping with the troubleshooting!

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No problem, glad you figured it out.