iRhino 3D app issues

I’m having trouble accessing my files in google drive from the iRhino 3D app. First it showed no files in the drive then after fooling around with it a bit and signing out it will not let me sign in again or says I am signed in but can’t find a way to upload files. It seems to be stuck in different areas of google but not showing my files to upload. I contacted google and they say it’s an issue with the app. Is anyone else having issues?

Have similar issues. NO WAY to load a model. Using latest (2.2.4) on iPhone. Syncing does not update files loaded. GoogleDrive: GD will not accept requests from a “user-agent.” Dropbox: SignIn returns “The old version of the Dropbox platform is retired.” [What does that even mean?]
HOW does one load models?
H E L P !

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce these issues with GoogleDrive or Dropbox with my accounts. I am able to login and logout, as well as view and download my files.

Regarding GoogleDrive, there is a known issue in iRhino 3D (IR-514) where - if your G-Suite or Drive is managed by an administrator (you’d likely know) - third-party apps like iRhino 3D can’t access your files. I want to provide better feedback when I can detect this as the case. I doubt this is the case here. I really would like to figure out what is going wrong in this case.

Regarding Dropbox:

Dropbox: SignIn returns “The old version of the Dropbox platform is retired.”

This sounds like a message that would come from an older version of iRhino 3D, which used an older version of the Dropbox API. Strange that you are seeing this in iRhino 3D 2.2.4. When do you see this message?

If you can help me reproduce what you are seeing, I will have a fighting-chance of finding this really annoying bug.

In short, iRhino 3D - as you can likely tell - is not getting the attention it deserves. I have, for quite some time, been neglecting this issue in particular: IR-488.