Rhino3d mobile app will not allow google drive download. iPhone and iPad

Hi. I have just tried to download some models for a presentation and it says I can’t use google drive on either my iPad or iPhone. I have done this on my iPad before.

Any ideas ?



Hrmmm. I’ve been seeing more issues with some G-Suite downloads in iRhino 3D lately. I’ve not been able to nail down why. Is the account you are signed into Google with an Enterprise account by any chance?

Sorry dan I don’t know what an enterprise account is ??[image1.PNG]
FYI I hit the + sign in the app which brings up a screen where I can add from Dropbox,google drive or a http input.

When I press google drive it shows this…

Did you get the account through you employer and you access it with your employment user account credentials (Enterprise) - OR - did you create the google account yourself with credentials you selected (Personal).

I am seeing this error. Logged in IR-520.

I think Google changed their policy on something and broke this. I’ll look into it ASAP for a fix in an updated version of iRhino 3D. Very sorry about this.

Aah Tricky.

I suppose I have both now.

I have my Gmail ( private account ) and recently got a lfl account ( business ) which I linked ti my google account.

I’ll see if i can unlink the business account and try again do you think ?

Also have more screen grabs for Dan.


Hope these help dan.

Any other ways to upload Files ? Is it just google , dropbox or a website ?


Thanks, I know what I need to fix (see post above). This should be just limited to GoogleDrive, for the moment. Dropbox is deprecating their API (that we use) in favor of a newer one in the near future, and I’m currently in the process of updating that one.

I’ll work on a fix for the GoogleDrive connection.


Any ideas on a lead time for that ?

Is it day’s, weeks or months would you think ?


It’s weeks to a month. I have to fix the bug - along with a couple others - and then get the app through the App Store approval process. I wish this could go faster. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


That’s great ! I could see something like that taking forever to get through the right channels.
Good luck.


Hi Dan.

I just wondered how you were getting on with the fix ?

No pressure ;).



I’m still working on it. This bug is harder to fix that I expected. It requires a complete reworking of the Google Drive service subsystem :frowning:

This issue should be fixed in the recently published 2.2 update to iRhino 3D. Please let me know if it is not working once you update to the latest version.

Hello dan.

Thanks for that it works a treat.



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