Named Cplane - Feature Request

Working with Oneview while having saved Named Cplane, sometimes my costume Cplane are angled very close to another Cplane, while trying to orient in the virtual space due to the closeness between the angles of the various Cplanes, i find it hard to set the desired Cplane without other Cplane to “interfere” by switching undesirably between the two (or more).
I would love have the option to pause or temporary disable a named Cplane/s.

Hi Gilad - so,optionally have OneView only pay attention to the built in World planes. correct? I suppose another approach would be to put the setting on the planes - but I suspect that is less likely to be an easy fix.


Hi @pascal,

Not exacttly, i want to right click a Castume Named Cplane & have the option to “Freez” it.

I not quit following on this one…:confused:


Hello - if you ‘freeze’ a cplane, what happens, exactly?


It will not be active when using Oneview

Hi - this wish is now on the pile as RH-52531.

@wim @pascal Wow, excited, Tnx!! :grinning: