One Text Object for every List Element

I would like to create a room list and read things like names, areas, etc. from the polylines (room definitions). My problem is how can I create a text object for each element with the information to fill the list?

In the upper right window you can see the 3 example rooms and part of the list, unfortunately without the data. I would like to use Grasshopper because I use the areas there according to German DIN and Wfl. can evaluate.

Many thanks for the help.
Bjoern Smolarek

a table out of the data, per room? I like to make a csv out of data, then send it to text.

you can do something quickly with your data as well, the create text component just needs a point.

see attached… (11.8 KB)

Oh thank you in advance. I’ll take a look at it.

Best regards