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(Sonny Weaver) #1

Hallo guys,

one questions about Grasshopper.

I have a list with two tipe of curves, Line-Like Curves and Polyline Curves. I need to show only the Polyline curves. How can I filter this type of information and have only one list with the Polyline?

Thanks in Advance


Match Text could be one way…

(Miguel Villegas Ballesta) #3

My approach was going to be @HS_Kim but found this simpler (and some would say more elegant ) way.
Lines can´t be simplified.

(Sonny Weaver) #4

Many Thanks mr. Kim,

you gave me a great help, I did not know the “Match Text” component !!

(Sonny Weaver) #5

Thanks mr. Miguel,

very Helpful!!!

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #6