One shot history via command line?

I would like to use history only on select commands.
as I understand the only option is to click on the statusbar before/during the command so that once the command is completed the history is disabled again automatically.

if history is activated by command line it is always permanent; is there any other way than using the gui to do a “one shot history” ? (it is slow to use the gui…)



you could modify the button to enable history recording, perform the command, then disable history. Below button macro works for Sweep2:

! _History _Record=Yes _Enter
_Sweep2 _Pause _Pause _Pause
_History _Record=No _Enter


hi clement,

thanks for the macro
this sure is going to work, but would mean to rewrite/add aliases.

I hardly use toolbars, I would like to use my current aliases with an history option.
Still the common operation is without history for me, so I don’t want to modify the current ones.

probably I will prefix an “H” to my aliases and use the macro on these