One more time

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resulted in quite a few posts discussing how to make this shape with some sort of parametric definition:

One of these was mine, but it was far from the desired result:

I didn’t try to make a 3D print of this because (1) there was no easy way to attach the part to the print bed, and (2) the part itself is a very poor representation of the original shape.

Recently it occurred to me that if I cut the shape in half I could print each half and then glue them together into the final shape:


The GH file below is what I used to make this image. The complete part looks like this:

What finally dawned on me was the need to use a variable radius fillet around the edges of the holes. To make matters worse, the fillet needs to have really large radius at the large end. I am not aware of a way to do this with GH - but I was told that Catia has a method that could work. Barring that I’m thinking the only way to make this shape is by hand. (14.5 KB)