Fillet curve problem: filleting to get internal curve which rounds off shape extensions

Hello, I have a question about filleting in grasshopper.
The answer might be trivial but could not find an answer by now.

I want to fillet a curve in a way that I can always inscribe a circle in a shape–(see picture)
This way small parts would fall away and convex properties would stay as they were.The outline should also never get bigger than the original shape (filleting the outside of the curve is not wanted)

In the practice the fillet does not work if the segments are small.only getting the small segments away is also not the solution.

how cold I achieve this. I made a drawing in rhino of the “W” shape that shows what I am aiming for.
Unfortunately the code example in the GH file works just on the 3rd shape and not on the other ones.
( I want a radius bigger than 3 in this example, smaller radii do work, but are not what I need).

Can anyone help me with this question?

fillet question (27.3 KB)

Here a solution with Clipper

fillet question 01 (15.3 KB)

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Thanks Laurent!
This works really good! I just had to change one wire from “C” to “H” port to get the desired outcome.
Clipper works also extremely fast.

My only problem is that I want to use it together with Shapediver where it is not supported (yet).
I will ask if the makers of Shapediver could add Clipper as well, but if anyone still has something that works also that with normal grasshopper, I would still be happy!