Grasshopper : variable fillet


how do i apply, by the grashopper, a: variable fillet with random radius at several random points of the edges of the object on a surface drawn in the rhino viewport?

and also a way to select the edges by a factor of degrees in relation to the adjacent planes?

and choose the maximum and minimum value of the fillet random radius?


does anyone have a solution to the above questions?

tutorial or grasshopper file?

The forum has many threads on this subject.

is there a way to type random when the rhino command line asks for a numeric value?

example :
command: variable fillet> radius: random

it has to be in the rhino and not in the grasshopper

No there is no such random radius option, but what you could have is a script that generates random circles around the edge you want to fillet that you can then use to snap to. Btw: if you need this in a Rhino and not in Grasshopper, you should post it in a different category.