One more time. Getting materials right on a surface. How?

I was trying to make a custom material of a mike grill from an image. I cannot get it to scale. Shouldn’t I just be able to sub-select the surfaces and choose “Match” to flat view that is the correct scale?

MIC_BRACKET_Test.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hello - it looks like you can set the repeat to about 5 by 5 on the mapping for that object to get the scale correct.

Textures are applied to UV by default - there is not a ‘scale’ just a repeat. Changing the texture to use WCS will allow you to scale it to a particular size but it will then ignore the UV wrapping…


And yet I get nothing like you did.

Hello- I would do one or the other. Here it seems best to leave the mapping on Channel 1 and change the repeat on the object.


The square plane is correct.

Hello - open the file you posted - select the microphone cylinder and in its Properties set the ‘UVW repeat’ to 5.00, 5.00 & 1.00 .

Does that look about right?


That worked to get it to scale. I was thinking I needed to sub-object select only the grill part. I now realize scale changes will only affect that particular texture and not the others (pink) in the model. I’m sure ther’s a way to tile it smoothly, or perhaps that a function of the image. At any rate, forward progress. Thanks.