Is it possible to change material to follow along UV?

As the title says: I have this circular surface of which I want the brick texture to follow along the circle. Is there a way to do this?

This is what I have:

I want the tile texture to go like this:

180416 UV material.3dm (563.0 KB)

Drill into the texture of your material and select Mapping Channel. After that you’ll need to fix a bit the size of the texture to get more what you want:

Remember to do the same for your bump texture.


Thanks Nathan, I had no idea what mapping channel was.

Mapping channel means using the UV data. When you haven’t created any custom mapping it’ll be based on the surface parametrization. This allows us the map the texture according the surface.

WCS and WCS Box are world-coordinate system related mappings and don’t take the object surfaces into account as such.

Aha! That’s what WCS stands for.

I found it a bit counter-intuitive that you need to lower the value of the “repeat” in order to make the image bigger?

Also, how do you I go back to the general material editing after clicking on the color image (unamed)?
So I first click on this:

And then I get here

How do I get back to the first image?

Scroll the thumbnails until you see the material you’re editing the textures for. You’ll see it has been highlighted with a marquee. Click the material.

Right. I was clicking on the name which doesn’t bring me back but only let’s me change the name of the material.

You could actually also click in the breadcrumbs navigation. Both ways look like this:

Hi @siemen, note the two arrows on top of the dialog.


I noticed them, but they just make all settings of this materials disappear, no? Or are we talking about different things?

@siemen, my response was to the question above. I get this:

click on the image to see it full size.


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Ohhhhh. That I totally missed. Thanks! @clement

I thought you were talking about this:

Ok. Btw. you can reach assigned textures of multiple materials with a single click if you switch the layout from “List” to “Tree” using the button in below image.