Again with the mapping. Scale/rotation

So not matter what. I cannot get the mapping to scale rotate and such. Suggestions? Processes.

  1. I would like to scale the texture on the barrel.
  2. I would like to rotate and scale the texture on the 2x4.

Am I wrong, but the textures on a box cannot be scaled rotated individually unless it is exploded into separate faces, and joining them into a solid reverts all textures to the same scale and rotation?

I just completed a 6 weekend course in Rhino training with a McNeel certified instructor and none of my texture work with RH6 came out correctly. He was also unable to solve several problems I had himself. He was using RH5 and everything worked in that version. He recommended that the class not upgrade for a while – which I had already done.

At any rate, hopefully someone here can explain to me how/tools/methods to scale materials, and get different scale and rotation on the six sides of a cube.


Barrel_2x4.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello - I would set up the barrel to have cylindrical mappng - then you can manipulte the mapping widget to scale the thing - is that what you mean?

And box mapping on the 2X4


The barrel material is using Mapping channel 1 and can be adjusted in either the Properties panel>texture mapping section or in the texture’s mapping settings within the material. The box is using a material with WCS mapping and can be edited only in the texture’s mapping settings within the material. Here’s a video capture showing both edits.

I think the issue may also be that you are using Flamingo nXt which requires the texture within the material to be set to mapping channel 1 with a repeat of 1x1 and no rotation, then edit the settings only through the Properties panel>Texture mapping settings when the box is selected.

Thanks Pascal and Brian.

I got the mapping widget to adjust the barrel but could not get a good scale–but it worked. I could not get anything with the box mapping and widget on the 2x4. I laid in the box mapping, but scaling or rotating with the widget did nothing.
The second method worked on both objects. However, neither addresses how I might get 6 different scale/rotations on the 2x4.

I don’t know what Flamingo nXt is and am not knowingly using it.

Okay, it was just a guess as it might have explained why the box wasn’t working for you. nXt is a rendering plugin.

For that, you would need to do a custom Unwrap and then use the UV editor.

Thanks for the unwrap instruction. I got that to work and understand it. However the box mapping does not. My small model is multiple boards. Unwrapping each would be huge task. I’m sure there is an easier way?

Also I’ve discovered that adjusting the material in the dialogue changes the material for all objects using it. So changing scale or angle happens to all previously mapped objects. In Sketchup its a right click and all changes available and specific to the selected object. I’m assuming this is what the mapping widget is supposed to do? But it does not work for me. Model attached.

latrine.3dm (6.4 MB)

Probably best is to create one board, do the mapping and texturing. Then create a block out of it and copy that block instance as many times as you need. That will also be better for rendering, at least with Raytraced.